"Absolutely love this cover. It’s great quality and easy to clean. Such an essential with a baby learning to start with solids since they play with food more than they actually eat it. I’m so glad I found this because cleanup is a lot less stressful"

Hykeemah Mar 12,22

LOVE I purchased the silicone bib and snack cup a few weeks ago and absolutely love them. From the colours to the quality, wow!! Super impressed and excited to order a few more things for my baby girl.


"It looks beautiful, the instructions are easy, however, still hard to make it without bubbles. It is great that they gave us an extra so we could redo the first attempt. Now, it looks just amazing!"

Noemi Apr 14, 21

"This piece is genius!! Makes clean way easier (the tray doesn't come off that easily on my chair model, so the full placemat is a game changer!). Would definitely recommend for others with the Antilop chair "

Danielle Aug 18, 21

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