Safety and Care Instructions

|Before using your silicone feeding products we recommend washing with warm soapy water or sterilizing with a method listed below|

Dishwasher: Place in top rack of dishwasher wash on high-temp sanitize cycle

Boiling/Sterilizer: Sterilize with boiling water or steam for approximately 5 minutes. Once cool wash in sink with soap and water. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

|For products which contain wood and metal|

SPOT CLEANED:  Use mild soap and do not soak or leave wet for long.  Rinse and dry thoroughly.To keep wood long, it is recommended to retreat wood as needed. We recommend using a beeswax and coconut oil blend.  Let it soak in and then wipe.



Adult supervision is needed while products are in use.  To avoid a choking hazard, inspect product before every use and discard if damaged.