How to Install Ikea Highchair Leg Wraps

 Step One
Remove highchair legs and clean with rubbing alcohol
Step Two
Once dry, line up seam so it will be hidden
(Front legs- Seam should be opposite side of push button.
Back legs- Seam should be on push button side)
Step Three 
Pull paper back a few inches exposing the self-adhesive side.
Start at bottom of the legs lining up the strip at the
seam of foot and leg of chair.
Step Four
Slowly press down the adhesive side as you peel the paper back inch by inch. Keep centered and smooth. If you run into any creases, you can carefully peel back and try again.
Step Five
Once you get the strip centered on the entire leg, start wrapping the paper around the back of the legs one side at a time. If air bubbles appear, use your finger to rub them towards the seam.  
Step Six
 Apply pressure to the seam line allowing glue to set and avoid peeling.  If needed use a knife to trim any overlap  
If you notice peeling use a hair dyer on warm to heat up glue
on the seam line and apply pressure
To watch a video tutorial click HERE

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